Tuesday Track & Speed Workouts

Track workouts are held usually for 6 to 8 week duration usually as part of a race ready program. They generally occur at the track at CCI in Collingwood and are aimed at helping runners prepare for a race. Coaches organize set workout plans for the group with particular attention to running technique and speed work. Check below to find out more information about current sessions. Remember, warm-up starts 30 minutes prior to the start of the workout .

About Track & Speed Workouts:

Whether you are a running novice or guru, these track workouts are geared for you. Track workouts are vital to make you a more efficient, and fast runner! Even if you don’t consider yourself a competitive runner, you will be amazed at the difference in your running after coming out to a few track workouts. Each workout includes a warm up, drills, speed work, and a cool down. See you on the track!

Current Track Workout Programs

Track Workout

There are no current Race Ready programs. Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page and group for the next program to be announced.