About Road Runs

Road runs in our area are such a wonderful experience given our country air and extensive  network of bike/running lanes. In addition to this road runs can take advantage of some of our fine running/biking trails to skip the heavier traffic roads. Each run will try to take advantage of a helper runner to take beginners or those wishing a shorter run on an alternate course that finishes at the same place. For example a 10 km run can have a "bail out" road that bisects it resulting in a 5 km run. Road runs will accommodate runners of all abilities and inclination. It would be a good idea to be able to comfortably run 5km, but beginners may wish to run/walk. Courses will vary from flat and easy to hilly and more difficult with alternate easier options. Looking forward to seeing you out there!

Sunday Morning Wasaga Beach YMCA Recplex

The Sunday road run is led by Coaches Mike McCluskey & Glen White through varying routes throughout Wasaga Beach. Making use of Wasaga shoreline and nearby lightly traveled roads these runs are great way to begin any Sunday. Being an accomplished Marathon runner Coach Mike's passion is helping those from beginner to advanced work towards their meet their expectations in competition, but he also does a great job at showing everyone a great time on the run. Glen White is a super positive mentor who has a passion for sharing running with and including all participants. Cut back routes will be available for on each run for runners of different skill levels so all runners are welcome.

Start Time: 8:00am run start time so please get there in time for your warmups.

Location: Wasaga Beach RecPlex/YMCA, 1724 Mosley St.

RSVP PLEASE: Mike McCluskey

Tuesday Evening YMCA Collingwood

Note: This Tuesday Night Run is currently not happening. If there is an interest in reviving it please contact the run leader below: The Tuesday evening road run is led by Coach Francois Fournier through varying routes throughout Collingwood. Francois enjoys the social aspect of running and looks forward to meeting members for this easy going run. The runs originate and finish at the Collingwood YMCA. Cut back routes will be available for on each run for runners of different skill levels so all runners are welcome to join. Distances and paces will be adjusted to suit the needs of the participating runners.

Start Time: 6:00pm run start time so please get there in time for your warmups.

Location: Collingwood YMCA,
200 Hume St.

RSVP PLEASE: Francois Fournier


GTRC Guidelines for Group Road Runs (includes in-town trails):

  1. Arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the run to get instructions from the coach on the route and meet-up points for different levels.
  2. Runners are encouraged to wear their club running shirt and join as members.
  3. Dress appropriately for the weather and footing conditions. Check weather forecasts all year round and plan accordingly.
  4. Roads and trails are often shaded but on very humid days can still be quite hot and your fluids can deplete quickly. Dress accordingly, layers are recommended, and hydrate properly every day about 8-10 glasses a day, then:
    1. Hydrate before the run from when you wake up to the beginning of the run, slowly sipping water in the morning. Do not over fill yourself and risk cramping.
    2. Hydrate during the run on very warm days. If you hydrate properly prior to the run then any run under 1-hour should not require you to bring water on the run except on really hot days.
    3. Hydrate after by having at least one bottle of water after to replenish your fluids. If you can arrange weighing before and after then 1 cup for each lb of weight lost during run.
  5. All minors under 14 years of age MUST be accompanied by their guardian, and both must be members (child memberships are discounted).
  6. Dogs are allowed on runs if they get along well with other dogs (and humans), but for the safety of the other runners we ask that ALL DOGS BE LEASHED at all times during the run, no exceptions. They may mingle before or after, as may humans 😉
  7. Group runs happen rain or shine since, however thunder & lightening will result in an immediate cancellation. We will notify all members of a cancellation via our Facebook page and it will also be noted on the website run calendar as soon as possible.
  8. Narrow sidewalks or trails can make it difficult to pass another runner, hiker, or bike. Verbally notify the person in front of you if you intend to pass and indicate which side you plan to pass them on.
  9. On trails, let’s make it a policy of yielding to bikers just by stepping just off to the side of the trail.
  10. On roads with no sidewalks run on the left side facing traffic, warn others of “car front” and go single file or step aside to avoid danger.
  11. Runners at rear when you hear a car approaching from the back warn others of “car back”
  12. Pay attention for driveway and intersection vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  13. Follow normal pedestrian safety rules.
  14. It is strongly advised that you do not run with headphones as they can interfere with you hearing approaching danger.
  15. Leave no runner behind: Groups will form into beginner, novice and experienced groups and will work within the groups to keep each other in site and cycle back to stay in touch.
  16. If possible, carry your cell phone with you for emergency situations, arm bands or belts are a good way to transport your phone on a run. We also highly recommend the Strava Run GPS tracking app to compete with other members online.
  17. If you are injured inform the coach, run leader or friend on the run to aid in your care. If you get separated from the group and are injured, use your phone. If you do not have a phone, stay where you are on the street/trail and call loudly for help. We will be checking head count before, during and after each run doubling back on the route if need be.
  18. If there is an emergency, 911 will be called. The closest hospital is Georgian Bay General and Marine Hospital. One person will stay with the injured person if someone has to go get help. If off-road one person will go to direct the ambulance.
  19. For other non-serious occurrences, please notify the coach or a run leader of any incidents occurring during a group run and file an incident report post run.
  20. Group runs are positive & supportive environment for all levels of runners regardless of age, sex, or ethnicity. Anyone displaying acts of verbal or physical discrimination, intimidation, or prejudice will be asked to leave by a coach or run leader and may have their membership suspended or revoked without a refund.