Ready to Get “Race Ready”?

Ready to Get “Race Ready”?


Not planning for an event? Come out anyway for some running fun.

Afraid you won’t be able to keep up? Don’t worry, our sessions will start on a track so you can keep your own pace. We’ll have coaches and folks running at all levels so you’ll never be left behind.

Our goal is to get you in the race and having some fun – this is how we mea- sure success!

Are you wishing, hoping, or planning to run the fun and beautiful Run Collingwood 10k run or half-marathon this fall…or any other race event?

Your Georgian Triangle Run- ning Club is starting the count- down next week with 12 weekly race ready sessions for whatever that little something is you need to be ready…from how to get started to improving your time – we will have the coaches on hand to help everyone from newbies to ultrarunners.

We’ll be there to help with all aspects of race preparedness from speed workouts and form, to training plans and nutrition.