GTRC Mission Statement            

 “The GTRC is dedicated to fostering and promoting healthy living through the sport of running in the Georgian Triangle area; in particular providing opportunities, education, initiatives, motivation, and community for runners of all ages and abilities.”

Organization Overview

We are a non-profit incorporated provincial organization insured and registered through Athletics Ontario. The club consists of an executive board of directors, professional & technical directors, coaches, run leaders, and a membership base. We are club composed of competitive & non-competitive athletes, adults & youth who participate in the following running related activities: Road & Distance Running, Trail & Hill Running, Track & Speed Running, Triathalon Incorporated Running, Beginner Running, & Youth Running. We serve the geographical region surrounding the Southern aspect of Georgian Bay including the towns of: Collingwood, Town of Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach, Stayner, Thornbury, Meaford, & Nottawa.

What we do

We provide membership to solo & group runners; offering social engagement through the sport of running, member benefits & discounts through our running-related business partners, invaluable running resources for the local runner, and overall promotion & progression of the sport of running in the Georgian Triangle Area

Our Story

As you probably know fitness and healthy living plays a large role in the lives of most people living within the Georgian Triangle; and the sport of running is enjoying a real groundswell here, and in communities across North America. Running however, can be pretty individualistic in nature, which means you often find seasoned athletes running in isolation while others, although keen to get started, are not sure where to start.

The purpose of the club is basic, this club was formed to bring runners in the Georgian Triangle area together; encouraging and allowing them to connect, to educate and be educated, to motivate and be motivated,  and to enjoy all the things the sport we love offers. We are dedicated to promoting healthy living through running in our community by organizing community-based running programs and progress the sport of running through political advocacy, local events, and club participation in non-local events.

The club was established because there was no organization currently doing this for the many runners in this active Bay area. Most runners may run completely alone and miss out on the experience & knowledge available out there to have a long, successful career (even if recreational) as a runner. In no way do we mean to change whether you run solo or with a group, there are benefits to both. Many of us in the club enjoy our time running by ourselves and letting the stresses of the day go, but this does not mean that you have to be disconnected from the running community! And so began the GTRC.

What this means to you!

The Georgian Triangle host some of the best running routes & trails in the province and has attracted many liked minded running athletes to the area to train or just enjoy the scenery. We have worked hard and thought long about what we, as runners, would want out of a great running club. To us – the club should bring runners together, be a comprehensive resource for runners of all abilities and inclinations, and it should help to build and nurture the spirit of running we all love so much… and it should be fun! We think membership with the GTRC brings all that.

We have a great website (as well as social media tools) for members where they will find everything from running tips, exercises, injury prevention, pre-running self screening tests, nutritional advice for runners, local running trails and club routes, inter-club competition on routes via GPS tracked runs, information on local running and club events, regular running-related seminars, not to mention a roster of local runners, perfect for finding a running partner.

Membership also brings great benefits with local business partners giving members access to special discounts, including a great running tech shirt from out title sponsor Karbon with club logo included when you register.

For those of you who want more interaction, the club offers several chances to get out and meet other runners in the area while getting to know some of the local routes. Club runs have levels from beginner to advanced and include trail, track, road, & distance running. All members are insured when on our club runs, our coaches offer experience & knowledge, and there are several run leaders to help at all levels. Club runs have been well thought out and all coaches and run leaders have been trained in CPR.

The benefits of being a club member have quickly surpassed our expectations and any runner in the area, whether they like to run alone or with a group, should find great value in being connected with the club.