Month: October 2012

100 km non-stop run for the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation

100 km non-stop run for the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation

The Georgian Triangle Running Club was out in force on September 29th 2013 to support me for the 100k run for the Collingwood G&M Hospital. Members chose to join me at various points along the route for somewhere between 10k and 35k legs. In total, I ran 100km in 10 hours 59 minutes burning something like 10,000 calories. $3,237 was raised for the hospital through the generous donations of my friends including some GTRC members.

I would like to thank Jimmy O’Donnell, Sarah Watts, Kate Stephens, Darryl Moland, Robyn Ciotka, Melanie Brown, Andrea Russell, Adrienne Wood, Adam Martynuik, Boston Mike McCluskey, Karla Findlay, Libby Mourant and Thomas Brindisi from our GTRC club alone! Other future GTRC member runners included Lucy Kearns-Russell, Jonny Kearns, Stuart McDonald, John Stransky, Annie Pilon, and Susan Brindisi who not only ran the last 10k but mixed and served my nutrition and hydration concoctions.

I couldn’t have done it without the Peak FM and their generous on air promotions and the use of their support vehicle and the always irreverent on air personality Matt McLean! Thanks to all the supporters at the finish line including Debbie and Kelly from the hospital foundation, Scott and Christine Thompson, Mark Krause and Christene Anacleto Krause.

Thanks to everyone for such amazing support. It was a heart warming experience for me and a big success for our hospital.
РNick Brindisi,  October 2012